Simulation and Interactive Modeling (SIM)

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) for simulation, interactive modeling, analysis and training
  • Driven by MELCOR, MAAP, RELAP, RELAP/SCDAP or by data from a facility
  • Can be coupled to any time-dependent analysis code
  • On-Line display and visualization of plant status
  • On-Line Status Change of Active Components
  • On-Line Display of Transient Parameters Plots
  • Didactic Messages and Tutorial Review Text
  • Time and Parameter based Malfunctions
  • User Defined Variables
  • User can build and link his own screens with the ScreenBuilder
  • Runs under Windows (XP, VISTA)

Extension Moduls

  • ActivChart: Draw and display activated EPG/SAMG charts. Manual interactive mode for training. Automatic mode with for testing and validation. Learn more....
  • Electrical Module: Model the plant electrical system with bus hierarchy, supply logic, component dependencies and power recovery behavior. Learn more....
  • Dose: Calculate and display the dose rate at specified locations.
  • ActivRel: Calculate and display the activity release in flow paths.