Transient Visualization and Post-Processing (TVP)

TVP is a standalone software to replay pre-calculated accident scenarios from the plot file:

  • Utilizes SIM Replay feature
  • Replays plot files produced under all common computational platforms and operating systems
  • Synthesizes and visualizes very complex physical phenomena on-screen
  • User controlled or pre-programmed repay speed
  • Fast-forward, fast-backward, jump-forward, jump-backward and one timestep advancement
  • On-screen live graphics with paperless report ready post processing and plotting
  • User creates and links screens and masks from shape table with drag & drop Screen Builder
  • Same On-Screen Display as SIM:
    • On-line display of transient parameter plots for all plot parameters
      • Multiple plots with multiple curves on-screen simultaneously with unlimited plot pages
      • On-line automatic and manual scale range changes with linear or logarithmic scales and unit conversion
      • On-line parameter value scanning
      • Plot arithmetic combinations of plot parameters (averages, differences, scaled, etc)
      • Print from screens
      • Post-processor curve merging, plot editing, labeling, printing and paperless exporting
    • On-line visualization screens for nodalization data & dynamic processes