• Develop plant specific RELAP models for operational transient, accident and licensing analyses
  • Develop closed power conversion loop models, secondary side models and containment models for RELAP
  • Develop models for safety systems, control systems and plant protection systems for RELAP and MELCOR
  • Develop plant specific MELCOR models for severe accident analyses and for SAMG development and training
  • Perform client requested analyses using these codes and models.
  • Activate RELAP, MAAP and MELCOR models for simulation and interactive modeling in SIM
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Probabilistic Safety Assessment Services

  • Planning and execution of Living PSAs
  • Plant specific PSA models and analyses for power operation, shutdown modes, internal events, external events and area events
  • Plant risk based licensing and optimization issues, cost-benefit evaluations
  • Specialized statistical support for startup or continued operation issues
  • Component database development
  • Software applications and training
  • Plant specific Level 2 PSA analyses
  • Plant specific evaluation of owners group SAMG recommendations
  • Computerized SAMG calculational aids
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Implementation of Severe Accident Guidance

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